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“Diego Patino was born in 198X or something. That’s what I was told anyway. Some versions suggest I was born in the back of a taxicab in Los Angeles while others pretend to indisputably pinpoint my origins—the traceable part anyway—in some god-forgotten, south-central Brazilian town known as Dois Peregrinos (Two Pilgrims). Believe it or not I did two years of veterinary but I dropped it after realising what the whole thing was really about—I mean, who really want to spend their days sticking up their finger up to some ungrateful armadillo’s asshole anyway? (By the way, did you know armadillos are the only animals, other than humans, that can actually get fucked up by leprosy? I’ve been married for five years now and have three wonderful kids with my lovely wife Ramona: Utopia, Achilles and Tex Avery. I like to illustrate because the doctor said it would be good therapy. He miserably lied.”

By Diego Patino


About the Author

Blerina Konci is one of the first publishers at B | Creative, who has contributed to build B | Creative. She studied law but her real passion is Art and Fashion.

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