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In this article you will find some amazing digital art made by two artists. They are from Kirov, Russia and they love digital art and photo manipulation. For more about them have a look to the all article.

By Sonia & Mark Whitesnow

The Artists

We are young artists, the couple, from Kirov, Russian Federation, both 25 years old.
Our strong intention is to do everything we do in our artwork with open heart, great efforts and professionalism. All our life we’ve been studying the principles of image processing, and photography.
Creativity comes from our hearts, sometimes our works are electrified, we live each day consciously and very attentive to each moment of our life, keeping delicate attitude to life, to every part of life, to each other. We can say we transfer our vision of being to our artworks. Everything is mutual and together, we are two parts of the whole.











About the Author

Alban Fejzaj is the founder of B | Creative. He is a digital artist and a web designer. His passions are nature, visual art, music and apple. He studied design and fine arts, currently he is a self employed at PIK (A Creative Company based on Advertising and Web Design).

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